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This eyeliner comes as a liquid liner pen,  easy-to-apply, and easy to remove with warm water.

  • Oil-free, specifically made for eyelash extension wearers
  • Made in Germany 

    A great way to make your lashes look Fuller!
    *If your eyelash extensions aren’t full or if you are wearing the classic or hybrid set, applying eyeliner can make the lashes appear fuller with a bold outline*

Eyeliner for Eyelash Extensions (oil free)

    • Apply to clean lashes. Make sure lashes are clean using a lash cleanser, then  air-drying and gently brush them.
    • When applying the liquid liner, always hold the pen behind your extentions. Using your index finger, push down and cover your lashes and shield them from the liner for a better view and easy application.
    • Draw from the inner corner and go towards the outer corners. 
      (For a winged style, start with the wings first on both eyes)
    • Avoid having your eyeliner touch your lashes. Always apply the eyeliner above the lash line to prevent touching the extensions.
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